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Meeting Notes LibrePlanet Ontario 2017-04-24

Participants: Greg Knittl, Bob Jonkman, and Logan Streondj (greenmonk) and Daniel Villarreal in the text channel.
  • FreeLibre Canadian Tax Preparation Software Project
    • Discussion on LibrePlanet mailing list
    • Forms vs. Spreadsheet vs. Accounting software
    • Problems in other countries
    • Maintenance of tax applications is critical
    • There is no "tax form processing software" for the whole world
  • Street Team Outreach
    • Have outreach on Digital Freedom Foundation dates, eg. Document Freedom Day?
    • Open Data Day, or the Open Data Book Club
    • Open Data format for tax data? Government promises to have Open Data
  • KWVoIP and ERK (Egg Roll King Restaurant)
  • Integrating XMPP and SMS with
    • ossguy (Denver Gingrich) and Singpolyma (Stepen Paul Weber)
    • WLSG (Waterloo Libre Software Group and WSIC (Waterloo Students for the Information Commons), student groups at University of Waterloo for Free Software and Free Culture curriculum materials
  • HPR (Hacker Public Radio) episode on Tax Software?
  • We discuss human language parsing programs
  • What GNU+Linux distributions are people using?
    • Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, System Rescue CD
  • General Intelligence Programming Challenge
    • Using AI for tax software?
    • Licensing terms by CRA limit our ability to create Free Software tax software
    • Discussion on SPAL/SPEL (PDF, 160 kBytes)
  • Other words for Free Software: Libre, Freeware, FAIF software
  • Other programming languages



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