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Every month the members of LibrePlanet Ontario meet on Mumble, and record a podcast.




24 June 2016

A mumble meeting with Bob Jonkman, Blaise Alleyne, Stephen Paul Weber, and Greg Knittl. Allan joined us with text-only chat. An audio recording is available: (31 MBytes, 41m14s)


  1. Domain names: We'll ask Sergio Durigan Jr., our Hostmaster[1], to set the three domain names (,, so they're all aliases for our Wiki page (but this will take a bit more jiggery-pokery than just an A record in DNS). Greg Wright can point the NS records for to the DNS server that Sergio uses. (Greg and Sergio should contact each other off-list to make this happen)
    1. Sergio will host most services on his server, although Bob Jonkman is happy to continue hosting audio files for an eventual podcast.
    2. will be the canonical domain name. Chapters will be a subdomain (so should also alias to ) Services will be set up as subdomains for ease of administration. So, we'll eventually have,, and any others. We can start with -- Bob will chat with Sergio off-list to set this up.
  2. Podcasts: Stephen Paul Weber (singpolyma) has a redo script to create a podcast .rss file from folders of audio files. Bob has git-cloned it; just need to figure out how to make it work. Bob will contact Stephon off-list about it. Script stuff at
  3. Lots of discussion on our Free/Libre Canadian Tax Prepartion Software Project, now fondly known as FLCTPSP. There's a wiki page to coordinate the project's activities at Blaise had a link to a mailing list:




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LibrePlanet Ontario

LibrePlanet Ontario was formed to promote the use of Free Software in the communities of Ontario and to support individuals who wish to use or create Free Software. The goals are similar to those of the Free Software Foundation.

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